Battle of the Aguas Frescas

Judging company ethics, product taste, appearance, and market positioning

Last week, my 14-year-old niece was on the hunt for a “Chamoy pickle”- a pickle soaked in red Chamoy juice, popularized by the one and only TikTok. She found herself in a pickle when her first attempt was sold out; lucky for her, the next store had recently restocked and included a spread of toppings.

I don’t recommend the pickle, especially if you suffer from heartburn or stomach ulcers. It’s a snack for a 14-year-old’s digestion.

Nonetheless, two things are certain: Latino and other Ethnic products are trending.

Some brands, like Siete Foods, are turning into legacy brands. In contrast, others, like the Chamoy pickle, may only have their 15 minutes of fame and not be repurchased. We are seeing traditional Latino products on grocery shelves with better ingredients and different branding.

Aguas Frescas, which means " Fresh Waters " in English, is one of those products. However, several brands are competing for the shelf space.

Who will win the Battle of the Frescas? Here are my two cents on some of the new Aguas Frescas competitors.

In the ring are; Frescos, Agua Bonita, De La Calle, Minute Maid


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